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Intersolar Europe 2024: Sungrow Will be in the Spotlight by Unveiling an Impressive Range of Innovative Products and Solutions

Sungrow| Updated: Jun 28, 2024


Munich, Germany, June 12th, 2024 - Sungrow, the global leading PV inverter and energy storage system provider, aims to steal the show at the Intersolar Europe 2024 (19th-21st of June), the preeminent worldwide exhibition for the solar industry. Renowned for its technological prowess and market dominance, the company will unveil an impressive lineup of cutting-edge, all-scenario products and solutions that are poised to revolutionize the renewable energy landscape, new standards in the industry.

Sungrow will exhibit approximately 50 renewable energy products and solutions at the event, offering a comprehensive showcase of its offerings, while the release of a prominent range of new products will confirm its commitment on building a sustainable future with Clean power for all.

Newly designed solutions for utility scale and C&I applications

Tailored specifically for utility-scale power plants, Sungrow will present the New SG350HX-20, the evolution of the highly appreciated string inverter, that comes with an ever more efficient, capable and reliable design.
Focused on providing an even more capable and flexible range of solutions in the C&I range, Sungrow will present the innovative New PowerStack 200CS liquid-cooled storage solution, developed to revolutionize the sector.
Moreover, the New SG150CX string inverter comes with a full range of cutting edge elements and advanced characteristics for optimum performance and O&M.

Boosting the eco-friendly home life to new heights of ease and efficiency

In this leading event, Sungrow will also present its range of solutions with a array of remarkable features that redefine the standards of efficiency and convenience in renewable energy solutions. Moreover, Sungrow will unveil during the expo its advanced smart home system, iHomeManager, , that leads a revolution in domestic appliance interaction. It supports EV charger, heat pump, battery, and inverter, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance.

A full range of solutions for a sustainable future

At the exhibition, Sungrow will proudly showcase its star utility-scale products, including the innovative 1+X modular inverter, the cutting-edge PowerTitan2.0 liquid-cooled energy storage system, the SHT series designed for small industrial and commercial applications, the CX-P2 series of industrial and commercial inverters, as well as a comprehensive range of residential inverters and batteries. By integrating these products with Sungrow's suite of self-developed digital platforms such as iSolarCloud, EMS3000, and iSolarBPS, the company has elevated energy management to a new level of convenience and sophistication.

Sungrow Charging Europe joins Power2Driv

With the steady development of EV mobility in Europe, Sungrow will also showcase its solutions on the sector by providing a fully range of AC and DC EV chargers that are part of the renewable ecosystem. This year, as part of the Power 2 Drive event that will also take place in Messe Munich (19th to 21st of June),  Sungrow Charging Europe will utilize a dedicated booth were it will showcase its EV charging solution for home, semi-public and public charging. Finally, Sungrow will also unveil a new member in its IDC series, loaded with new innovative features.