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About China Chamber of Commerce to the EU (CCCEU)


Founded by Bank of China (Luxembourg) S.A., China Three Gorges (Europe) S.A., and COSCO Shipping (Europe) GmbH in August 2018, the Brussels-based China Chamber of Commerce to the EU acts as a bridge-builder that mainly helps Chinese enterprises in Europe chart the way for increased China-EU economic interaction. It represents more than 100 members and chambers in EU member states, covering over 1,000 Chinese enterprises.

As a platform between China and the EU, it strives to serve the best interests of enterprises investing in the EU, reflect their opinions, suggestions, and concerns to European institutions or member states, and explore ways to enhance the image of Chinese businesses on the multicultural continent. The overarching aim is to contribute to common prosperity while respecting the diversity in the EU.

Since its establishment, the CCCEU has been actively supported by all parties, and its influence has been continuously rising. China's Policy Paper on the European Union, issued on December 18, 2018, said the Chinese government supports Chinese companies in Europe in setting up the China Chamber of Commerce to the EU. On April 8, 2019, then Chinese Premier Li Keqiang inaugurated the chamber and expressed the hope that the CCCEU creates a "golden name card" by serving Chinese enterprises in the EU well, being a bridge of communication by listening to the voices of both the Chinese and European sides, and helping to create a good image for Chinese enterprises.

The CCCEU is strengthening research and policy advocacy to represent the interests of its members, respond to EU institutions, put forward policy suggestions, and make the voice of Chinese enterprises heard to improve their business environment. In August 2020, the CCCEU completed transparency registration with EU institutions. In September 2020, the CCCEU established a digital economy working group; in May 2021, the chamber set up a green economy working group; and in February 2024, it officially launched its finance working group in Luxembourg.

Starting in 2019, the CCCEU has collaborated with Roland Berger to co-publish reports concerning the development of Chinese enterprises in the EU. These annual flagship reports meticulously track the performance of Chinese enterprises operating throughout the EU. They unveil findings derived from extensive annual surveys and thorough interviews conducted with Chinese companies and organizations. Each year, the reports concentrate on topics that are of utmost concern to Chinese companies, presenting actionable suggestions aimed at fostering development and cooperation between China and Europe.

Focusing on pressing topics such as China-EU economic and trade relations and the actual needs of its members in a multi-media era, the CCCEU has launched high-quality Chinese and English communication channels, including the Weekly Update, CCCEU Pulse, Policy Briefing, Policy Focus, and Members Update, which are released on different platforms. The CCCEU has established an official social media matrix, covering platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, WeChat, and Baijiahao. The CCCEU has enhanced its website, www.ccceu.eu, to meet international standards and make a strong visual impression.

The CCCEU is not only the home of Chinese enterprises but also their platform for opportunities. Swift response is the service culture of the CCCEU secretariat. We look forward to the joining and integration of more Chinese enterprises in the CCCEU and will wholeheartedly provide exemplary service. The CCCEU provides members with information, creates opportunities to contact Chinese, EU, and member states' governments, chambers of commerce, enterprises, think tanks, international institutions, and the media, and provides a platform for Chinese enterprises to expand their businesses and reflect their concerns.

We also help Chinese enterprises establish a good corporate citizen image on the CCCEU's multi-media communication platforms. Members will receive information products such as the Weekly Update, CCCEU Pulse, Policy Briefing, and the Annual Flagship Report and will be invited to participate in seminars and business meetings organised by the CCCEU and partners. The CCCEU will actively promote participation in bilateral and multilateral economic and trade activities led by the government and international institutions.

The CCCEU will constantly optimise working mechanisms, strengthen capacity building, and enhance service levels. We will work with an emphasis on the China-EU economic and trade agenda and concerns of our members and communicate with all stakeholders to resolve problems and discover opportunities. Let us jointly build the CCCEU, a communication-led and think-tank-driven business platform that always puts members at the centre.

For more information, please contact us. 

Email: info@ccceu.eu