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CCCEU to launch flagship report

CCCEU| Updated: Nov 14, 2023

China Chamber of Commerce to the EU (CCCEU) Annual Flagship Report 2023/2024 is coming!

For the fifth consecutive year, the CCCEU proudly presents its annual report on the development of Chinese companies in the EU. 

In the wake of the post-pandemic era, China-EU engagement has regained momentum, propelling bilateral relations and business development into a new phase of growth. 

Despite facing numerous challenges, Chinese companies in the EU demonstrate remarkable vitality and resilience. 

Their confidence remains unwavering in the face of pressure. 

They prioritise digital, green, ESG, R&D, and other sectors. 

However, the survey also reveals a declining EU business environment for Chinese firms in the EU. 

They also expressed concerns over the EU's "de-risking" approach, in particular in high-tech and green development. 

China is the EU's partner but not a rival. The two sides should collaborate to bolster trust and foster shared prosperity. 

The CCCEU report advocates for collaborative efforts to nurture mutual trust and prosperity, closely monitors the development, concerns, and voices of Chinese enterprises in the EU, and ends with offering recommendations to advance China-EU development and cooperation. 

We cordially invite you to explore "Building Trust, Boosting Prosperity—CCCEU Report on the Development of Chinese Companies in the EU 2023/2024". 

The report will be launched on November 14, CET 16 p.m. Stay tuned!