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CCCEU Statement on EU Launching Anti-Subsidy Investigation against Chinese EVs

CCCEU| Updated: Sep 13, 2023

 CCCEU Statement on EU Launching Anti-Subsidy Investigation against Chinese EVs

Brussels, September 13, 2023

The CCCEU expresses its strong concern and opposition to the European Commission's launching of an anti-subsidy investigation against electric vehicles (EVs) from China, as announced by European Commission President von der Leyen during her State of the EU address on September 13 in Strasbourg.

Chinese electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers, along with their upstream and downstream industry partners, have persistently pushed the boundaries of innovation. This concerted effort has resulted in a substantial industrial edge within both the fiercely competitive domestic Chinese market and the global arena. They deliver high-end or cost-effective EVs that cater to diverse consumer preferences, receiving acclaim worldwide, including in Europe. It's crucial to emphasise that this advantage isn't a product of what the commission side called "huge state subsidies".

It is noteworthy that the electric vehicle industry in China enjoys a robust cooperative partnership with the European and global automotive industry networks, and the creation of each electric vehicle involves the collaborative efforts of tens of thousands of suppliers from around the world.

We strongly encourage the EU to approach the progress of China's electric vehicle industry with objectivity rather than resorting to unilateral economic and trade measures that could obstruct or elevate the development and operational expenses of Chinese electric vehicle products within the European market.

The EU's commitment to market openness must be translated into tangible measures, ensuring a fair, impartial, and non-discriminatory business environment for foreign companies. Efforts to restrict products solely based on their country of origin would run counter to the EU's WTO commitments.

Chinese companies, including those in the electric vehicle industry, are committed to achieving the global goal of carbon neutrality and will persistently work towards it. The CCCEU looks forward to seeing EU policymakers and industries working together to make a positive contribution on the global green transition.