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The bamboo dreamer, a story from W.R. Fibers

CCCEU| Updated: Sep 15, 2021


Meet the man who is creating eco-friendly toilet paper made from 100% bamboo. His name is Mr. Chen Qiang, managing director of WR Fibers BV, Taison Group, and he is working to bring this innovative idea to Europe.

Taison Group was founded in 1993. It is a comprehensive large-scale multinational group integrating forestry, pulping, paper making and disposable sanitary products, specialty paper, real estate and trading. Taison Group advocates the concept of healthy life, relying on the integration of forest, pulp-making and tissue paper making and research and development advantages to lead the green economy and promote the sustainable development of the industry. 

WR Fibers B.V. is a member of  The Association of Chinese Investment Enterprises in the Netherlands (ACIEN), while ACIEN is an important group member of CCCEU.  

Video Produced by: Xinhuanet Europe