CCCEU holds its first assembly

CCCEU| Updated: May 25, 2020

Fifty-two members of the China Chamber of Commerce to the European Union recently met online for their first annual assembly since its inauguration last year, pledging to cooperate with their partners in this unprecedented challenging global business environment by enhancing investment and creating more local jobs.

Zhou Lihong, the CCCEU chairperson, delivered a work report of the Chamber, summing up progress since Premier Li Keqiang inaugurated the Chamber on April 8 in Brussels and laying out the roadmap for 2020. Zhou nominated Fu Jing, Pan Zhi and Guo Xin as new members of the CCCEU board. Guo Xin, co-secretary general of CCCEU, reported on the Chamber's financial accounts in 2019 and this year's budget plan, and amendments to the articles of association. 

Members unanimously voted for the reports and nominations. Vice-chairperson Wu Shengliang and Vice-chairperson Lin Ji moderated the assembly; and representatives exchanged views on how to make the Chamber grow from strength to strength. 

At the close of the assembly, Chinese Ambassador to the EU Zhang Ming and Qian Chunying, deputy director-general in charge of foreign investment and economic cooperation at China's Ministry of Commerce sent congratulatory messages. Minister Counsellor Xia Xiang from the Chinese Mission to the EU and Cao Wen, an official from the Ministry of Commerce, attended the closing section of the assembly. 

Bank of China (Luxembourg), China Three Gorges (Europe) and COSCO SHIPPING (Europe) took the initiative of setting up the China Chamber of Commerce to the European Union in 2018. In April last year, when Premier Li inaugurated the Chamber, he said he hoped it would articulate the views of stakeholders and present a robust image of Chinese businesses.

Chairperson Zhou appreciated the members' strong support and contribution to her team's work, saying: "The Chamber aims to grow as an inclusive, robust and joint platform for Chinese companies in Europe. It will be a win-win opportunity gateway for European friends as well, and we will seek to work hand in hand with them."

In his remarks, Ambassador Zhang said that since the pandemic outbreak, China and the EU have cooperated closely and lent each other a helping hand, providing strong support for each other and the global fight against the virus. Despite the impact of the pandemic, the main agenda of China-EU cooperation is still in good shape and moving forward steadily. The two sides continue to move in the right direction, and going forward, cooperation between China and the EU will be further enhanced, expanded and diversified.

Ambassador Zhang asked Chinese enterprises operating in Europe to be forward-looking with greater confidence and commitment. While continuing to strengthen epidemic prevention and control to ensure the safety of their employees, they are encouraged to further explore opportunities in European markets and make greater contributions to the development of China-EU economic and trade cooperation.