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CCCEU approves China Soft Capital as vice-president

source:CCCEU 2020-07-22 21:44

The Board of Directors of the China Chamber of Commerce to the EU (CCCEU) recently approved Wang Zhisheng, the European executive partner of China Soft Capital, as a vice-president.

Chairperson Zhou Lihong, welcoming China Soft Capital, urged the company to participate closely in the chamber’s work at this critical time, and to provide high-quality services for Chinese enterprises in Europe.

"The Secretariat of the CCCEU will coordinate with the team of China Soft Capital as soon as possible to jointly formulate an action plan for China Soft Capital to support and participate in the work of the CCCEU, and to jointly create a new benchmark for Chinese enterprises to facilitate the work of CCCEU at the same time," said Zhou.

Wang expressed China Soft Capital’s, and his, gratitude for being invited to join the leadership team of the CCCEU. He said he is honored to serve the collective interests of Chinese enterprises in Europe, and to facilitate the chamber's mission of being a platform to provide opportunities for China and Europe to grow and prosper.

"China Soft Capital will make use of its strengths to creatively participate in and promote the work of the CCCEU at this historically challenging moment by serving Chinese enterprises, opening up more opportunities for European partners, and achieving win-win results."

Since its establishment in 2008, China Soft Capital has been committed to become a leader in science and technology finance. With venture capital and asset management as its main business, China Soft Capital has actively developed financial technology and new business, providing impetus for innovative enterprises and the new real economy.

It was nominated as one of China's top ten private equity investment institutions for many consecutive years. Headquartered in Beijing, the group has branches in 10 mainland provinces and cities, Hong Kong and the European Union. It is the only professional institution to have won the Golden Bull Award in the fields of private equity, securities and bond investment.

 The group is also committed to social responsibility: Beijing-based China Soft Science & Technology Development Foundation is the chairman of a famous think tank, China Academy of New Supply-side Economics, and has funded several projects for environmental protection, education and public welfare.  

On 8th April 2019, Premier Li Keqiang inaugurated the CCCEU in Brussels, and urged it to provide good services, listen to the views of Chinese enterprises in the EU and build a positive image of those companies in the EU. The CCCEU has 62 members and represents about 1,000 Chinese enterprises in Europe.

 Zhou, chairperson of Bank of China (Luxemburg) Limited, serves as chairperson. Wu Shengliang, general manager of China Three Gorges (Europe) Co., Ltd., and Lin Ji, board chairman of COSCO Shipping (Europe) Co., Ltd., serve as the founding vice-presidents.

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