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Xinhuanet Europe B.V.

2020-07-18 07:58

Sponsored by the Chinese State Xinhua News Agency, Xinhuanet Co., Ltd. as a listed company in Shanghai Stock Exchange (code 603888) operates the most important central news & information online portal www.news.cn / www.xinhuanet.com,  which is also one of the most influential worldwide providing multilingual services, including English, French, German, Arabic, Russia, Spain, Japanese and etc. 

Xinhuanet Europe is wholly-owned daughter company of Xinhuanet Co., Ltd. Together with the other two overseas daughter companies in North-America and Asia-Pacific, and more than 30 domestic branches, especially with support of the globe network of Xinhua News Agency, Xinhuanet has the ability to serve its visitors and clients all over the world. 

Xinhuanet Europe provides service all around the Europe, includes news & information publishing, media communication, digital marketing and others. 

   www.xinhuanet.com   www.news.cn 

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