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China Three Gorges (Europe) Co., Ltd.

2019-09-26 18:34

China Three Gorges Europe is one of Three Gorges’ three overseas regional entities, responsible for business in Europe and North America. It was established in Luxembourg in November 2011 and started to operate in September 2016. At present, the company does business in Portugal, Germany and Greece. In Portugal, it is the largest shareholder in Energias de Portugal, holding a 23.27% stake and 49% of Portugal’s onshore wind power project. In Germany, the offshore wind power project China Three Gorges Europe purchased from WindMW is one of the largest in the country. In Greece, China Three Gorges Europe runs an 18,000-kilowatt photovoltaic project. At present, China Three Gorges’ European company has total assets of CNY 41.9 billion and 123 employees.

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