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Symposium focuses on Intellectual Property Protection and EU Business Environment

2019-05-07 16:59


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On May 7, 2019, a symposium on intellectual property protection and the EU business environment was successfully hosted by the CCCEU in Brussels. The 12th China-EU Intellectual Property Deputy Ministerial Dialogue Delegation, led by Assistant Minister of Commerce Li Chenggang, attended the symposium. 14 Chinese organizations participated, including the Bank of China (Luxembourg), China Three Gorges (Europe),  COSCO Shipping (Belgium), Huawei Technologies, ZTE Belgium, China International Chamber of Commerce EU Office, and Shenzhen’s European Office for Trade and Investment. The event was presided over by Xia Xiang, Minister-Counsellor for Economic and Commercial Affairs at the Chinese mission to the EU. At the meeting, nearly 50 delegates from different government departments and companies discussed the EU market and its policies, challenges for Chinese-invested enterprises, and the issues they hoped that the Chinese government could coordinate on. The delegates reached a broad consensus on these topics and the mePeting yielded substantial results.

In his speech, Assistant Minister Li pointed out that China and the EU are two major economies and markets that promote the common development of the world economy, and that both are currently at a critical stage of reform and development. Li said the inauguration of the CCCEU comes at the right time, sounding a horn for Chinese enterprises venturing overseas and navigating the risks and challenges of globalization. Regarding the development of the CCCEU, Li made three requests. Firstly, he said the chamber must pay attention to typical cases of intellectual property disputes, providing experience and reference to help Chinese enterprises cope with similar problems. This includes setting examples to enhance awareness and improve the ability of Chinese enterprises to deal with overseas intellectual property disputes, helping them embark on a new journey of high-quality development and compliance management.

Secondly, Li said the CCCEU must promote high-quality development with high-quality services and release research reports with global influence, such as the "Annual Report of Business Environment of the EU." The chamber should strive to better serve its members, convey their demands to relevant EU institutions and play a greater role in creating a good business environment for Chinese enterprises in the EU.

Thirdly, Li said that resources should be integrated to aggregate insights and experience, improve intelligence, tell effective stories about China, enhance the national image, and increase China’s voice on the international stage.

At the meeting, CCCEU Secretary-General He Liqin spoke about the creation and development of the chamber and shared cases of intellectual property protection. He also made recommendations on the current situation, policies and problems relating to China-EU investment and trade.

Participants agreed that they should seize this rare opportunity, leveraging the chamber as an important platform for mutual support and to promote exchange and cooperation. A consensus was reached that the CCCEU should focus on building  trust and dispelling doubts; work together to manage relations between China and the EU, China and EU member states, and China and various sub-regions of Europe; combine Chinese and European insights and resources; enhance mutual understanding and friendship between Chinese and Europeans; as well as contribute to the development of China-EU relations, the Belt and Road Initiative, and the building of a community of shared future for mankind.

Xia Xiang emphasized that the CCCEU has a great mission and responsibilities. He voiced hopes that the chamber will remain true to its original aspirations and keep its mission firmly in mind. Xia said that, by uniting and forging ahead, the CCCEU can maintain a steady and far-reaching approach to promote high-quality development and all-round cooperation between China and the EU, thus welcoming the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China with outstanding new achievements.

This symposium was the first major event held since the chamber was created, fully affirmed by its member companies and the delegation of the 12th China-EU IP Deputy Ministerial-level Dialogue. The CCCEU will make full use of the results of the meeting, actively working to meet Premier Li’s call to serve well, listen, and enhance China’s image. The chamber will strive to carry a "golden placard" for China, help implement national strategy, and provide two-way services for the government and its members. The CCCEU will also carry out its main functions of policy research, investment and trade services, legal consultation, safeguarding rights and interests, international exchange, and corporate services to build a platform for China-EU economic cooperation.

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