The Association of Chinese Investment Enterprises in the Netherlands (ACIEN)


The Association of Chinese Investment Enterprises in the Netherlands (ACIEN) is an independent organization with legal person status established in 2005 by Chinese enterprises operating in the Netherlands. After 15 years of development, ACIEN has become the most representative and influential Chinese organization in bilateral economic and trade relations between China and the Netherlands.

The main aims of the association are to promote mutual coordination; enhance engagement and communication among members and between members and local Dutch society; to help and urge members to understand and comply with local laws and regulations; to safeguard members' legitimate rights and interests; to help more Chinese companies to invest and develop in the Netherlands, and to encourage more Dutch companies to invest in China.

Currently, ACIEN has more than 70 members, covering all the important sectors for economic cooperation between China and the Netherlands, including finance, IT, transport, logistics, agriculture, manufacturing, and tourism services. The organization is a microcosm of Sino-Dutch economic relations and plays a unique positive role in promoting Sino-Dutch cooperation in trade and investment.