China Railway Group Limited Hungarian Commercial Representative Office


China Railway Group Limited (known as CREC) is a world-leading construction conglomerate with more than 120 years history. As one of the world's largest construction and engineering contractors, CREC takes a leading position in infrastructure construction, industrial equipment manufacturing, scientific research and consulting, real estate development, resources development, financial trust, trade and other fields.

By the end of 2018, CREC has owned the total assets of RMB 942.51 billion and the net assets of RMB 221.98 billion. The contract value signed in 2018 amounted to RMB 1,556.9 billion, and the Company's operating income was RMB 740.38 billion. The Company ranked the 56th among "Fortune Global 500" in 2018, the 13th successive year being listed, while at home it ranked the 13th among Top 500 Chinese Enterprises. Over the decades, the Company has built more than 2/3 of China's national railway network, 90% of China's electrified railways, 1/8 of the national expressways and 3/5 of the urban rail transit system.


The history of CREC can be traced back to 1894, when China Shanhaiguan Manufactory (now a subsidiary of CREC) was set up to manufacture railway tracks and metal bridges for Peking-Zhangjiakou Railway, the first railway project designed and constructed by Chinese. The following decades from then have witnessed the growth of the Company along with China's earliest railway projects.

In 1950, the General Bureau of Construction and the General Bureau of Design were established under the Ministry of Railways (MOR), later merged into the General Bureau of Capital Construction. In 1989, the General Bureau of Capital Construction was separated from MOR and incorporated as China Railway Engineering Corporation (CREC). On 12 September 2007, CREC initiated the establishment of China Railway Group Limited and the later was successfully listed on both Shanghai and Hong Kong stock exchanges on 3 December and 7 December respectively.


CREC holds Special-Grade Qualification for General Contracting of Railway Projects, Grade-A Qualification for General Contracting of Road and Municipal Projects, Grade-A Qualification for Specialty Contracting of bridges, tunnels, roadbeds, road surfaces and urban rail transit projects. CREC also holds certificates for carrying out Foreign Economic Cooperation and Import & Export businesses.

Business Scope

CREC provides a full-chained service with its business scope covering almost all fields of infrastructures, such as railways, highways, municipal facilities, housing and buildings, urban rail transits, water conservancies, hydropower stations, airports, harbors, docks, etc. In addition, CREC implements a diversified development strategy, and gains lots of achievements in survey and design, consulting, equipment and component manufacturing, real estate development, mineral resources development, highway operation and financing, etc.

CREC, with its outstanding technical and managerial advantages, has accumulated rich experiences in the design and construction of large-scale bridge, deep-water bridge, long and large-diameter tunnel, railway electrification, car testing track as well as the research and manufacturing of bridge steel structure, shielding machine and high-speed railway turnout. Currently, the Company has achieved world advanced level in bridge construction, and holds a leading position in tunnel and subway construction in China, and represents the highest technical standard in China's railway electrification.

CREC holds a leading position in the design and manufacturing of machinery equipment. The company owns the largest number of track laying machine, bridge erecting machine, shield machine and tunnel boring machine in China, the biggest ship-mounted cranes with the largest lifting capacity in Asia, a full set of deep-sea water working equipment, and the largest number of catenary installation equipment for electrified railways in China. The Company is not only able to independently develop and manufacture dedicated heavy industry machinery with world advanced level, but also one of the three TBM manufacturers with intellectual property rights in the world.

R&D and Human Resources

CREC is among the first group of innovated companies in China granted by the Ministry of Science and Technology, SASAC and ACFTU. The Company has been awarded a total number of 110 prizes of National Advanced Science and Technology, including 5 grand prizes and 15 first prizes. The Company holds 166 National Grade Normalized Construction Methods and 1661 invention patents. The company has three laboratories, namely, the National Engineering Laboratory for High Speed Railway Construction, National Key Laboratory for Shield and Drilling Technology, National Key Laboratory of Bridge Structural Stability and Safety. Currently, there are more than 70,000 professionals and over 50,000 high-level skilled technicians within the total number of 290,000 employees of the Company.

International Business

CREC has long enjoyed a good reputation in the global market. Since the construction of the 1,861-kilometer Tazara railway in 1970s, the Company has successively built a large number of excellent projects in Asia, Africa, Europe, South America and the Atlantic. The Company currently operates in more than 90 countries and regions around the world. The Company is willing to work together with friends from all over the world, to make greater contributions to the global economic, social and infrastructure development.