United Investment Europe SA (China Belgium Technology Center)


The first Chinese hi-tech science park in Europe!

The CBTC is located in the Louvain-la-Neuve Science Park and adjacent to the UCLouvain, ranked in the TOP200 universities worldwide. Thanks to its exceptional transportation network and its premier business location in the heart of Europe, many major European cities can be reached within 2 hours. 75% of the EU Market (GDP) and 40% of the consumers are covered within a radius of 500 km around the CBTC.

Strategic position

The China Belgium Technology Center (CBTC) is located in Belgium, the heart of Europe. It is the first comprehensive science and technology park invested by China in Europe.  The CBTC will play a positive role in the establishment of cooperation and innovation.

As China's largest investment project in Belgium, the CBTC will serve as a platform for Chinese enterprises to enter Europe while helping European companies' market entry in China. Its objective is to facilitate the cooperation between Chinese and EU high-tech companies.

The CBTC focuses on supporting companies from the following sectors: Life Science, Information Communication Technology (ICT) and Smart Manufacturing. The cooperation between the university, the science parks and the city has given birth to one of the most vibrant innovation ecosystems in the world.


We offer "one-stop" solutions to both Belgian/European and Chinese companies, including office development & construction, science park operation, landing and business services.

The CBTC is a business ecosystem welcoming both Belgian and Chinese high-tech companies, creating an ecosystem where cooperation in research and innovation, strategic investment and industrial cooperation between China and Europe becomes reality.