Founded in 1999, iFLYTEK is the well-known intelligent speech and artificial intelligence public-traded company in the Asian-Pacific region. Since establishment it is devoted to the research and development of core technologies such as speech & languages, natural language understanding, machine learning & reasoning, adaptive learning, representing world-leading standards in those domains. iFLYTEK is also committed to developing AI empowered products and applications in various sectors, with a vision of enabling machines to listen and speak, understand and think. The company went public on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2008 (stock code 002230).

iFLYTEK is the only enterprise in China that aims to realize industrialization through developments of intelligent speech technologies. It is selected as the "National 863 Program Industrialization Base", "Key Software Enterprise of State Strategic Planning", and member of the "National High-tech Industrialization Demonstration Project". Most recently the company is unveiled "the Industrialization Base for National Intelligent Speech Technologies" and "the National Engineering Laboratory for Speech and Languages Information Processing" successively. iFLYTEK was appointed a leadership position in the Chinese Voice Interactive Technical Standards Workgroup by the formerly-called Chinese Ministry of Information, taking charge of setting standards for the nation's voice technologies industry. 

iFLYTEK had received the "State Science and Technology Award" twice and the "Chinese Information Industry Major Technological Inventions Award", which is the highest honor a company can be awarded in the independent innovative achievements category. In June 2017 MIT Technology Review had released 50 Smartest Companies 2017 List, iFLYTEK was nominated for the first time, ranking first in China and sixth in the world. In December 2017 the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology has officially announced that it will designate and rely on iFLYTEK to build a National Key Laboratory of Cognitive Intelligence, which will be the very first national level key laboratory in advanced stage of AI.

Starting from the mid-nineties iFLYTEK has been ranked top one upon all key indicators measured in domestic and global speech synthesis competitions. Since 2008 the company continued to be among the best in international speakers and languages recognition evaluations. For recent international assessments such as machine translation, NLU, image recognition, image comprehension, knowledge maps, knowledge discovery and machine reasoning, iFLYTEK has taken home gold medals in multiple occasions. 

Driven by proprietary intellectual property rights on core technologies, iFLYTEK has kept on expanding the scopes of businesses and marketing intelligent products and services for full industrial coverage. Applications can be seen in consumer, education, city, customer-services, automobile, healthcare, home and other sectors. Over the years the company has taken over 70% of the Chinese voice technology market share.

In 2010 the company launched iFLYTEK Open Platform, the nation's very first AI open platform offering intelligent speech and human-machine interactive capacities. A full array of exemplary applications such as iFLYTEK INPUT and iFLYREC were released to the market after the successful launch of this platform. An AI ecological system orbited around iFLYTEK and with convergence of great partnership is growing strongly and healthily. By June 30th 2019, iFLYTEK Open Platform featured 1.03 million  developing teams and 650 thousand total applications, connected 2.4 billion smart end-devices. iFLYTEK AI ACADEMY has brought lectures and seminars to 300,000 members.

iFLYTEK's top-notch performances on the research and industrialization of speech technologies and artificial intelligence have been well-recognized by all sectors nationwide and abroad. It is with no doubt that iFLYTEK is a significant contributor of AI Team China. Remain true to our original aspirations while always being innovative and persistent, iFLYTEK looks forward to joining hands with partners and friends to create a better world with AI!