Founded in 1956 in Münster, Germany, COMPO is a world-renowned specialty fertilizer company. The company has a range of certifications, including ISO9001 (quality), ISO1401 (environment) and ISO50001 (sustainable development). COMPO is committed to being a leader in specialty fertilizers and in 2015 achieved revenues of EUR 300 million.

COMPO is a pioneer in China's specialty fertilizer market. In 1996, as a division of BASF, it began to export elemental water-soluble fertilizer to China. In 2000, under Germany's K+S Group, COMPO underwent a significant expansion in China. In 2012, it went on to register a subsidiary in Shenzhen, responsible for sales and technical services in China.

COMPO is now owned by Polish chemical company Grupa Azoty. Founded in 1927, Grupa Azoty is Poland's largest chemical company and the EU’s second-largest producer of nitrogen and compound fertilizers. Grupa Azoty plays an important role in the chemical sector, with its products used across a range of industries.

After 20 years of development, COMPO has a greatly enhanced product line for agriculture and gardening, with the Chinese market accounting for around 7% of total revenue. As one of the few integrated fertilizer suppliers in China, COMPO focuses on three to four crops each year, using field trials to devise balanced, scientific plans and practices for fertilizer to help realize high-quality, efficient agriculture.